PureData: The next big system by IBM{2}

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new product by IBM initially refereed to as Project Sparta.  Earlier this week, IBM introduced that same product which they now call the PureData System.  They also announced that it will have three different versions each having an expertise in a certain area.  The first is meant to govern transactions, the second covers operations, and the third takes care of big-data analytics.  The author of the article spoke with a general manager from IBM and talked about how the new product would help, for example, a sales website.  While one version of the system handles the sales, another could be used to try and figure out the kinds of combinations of products that are bought at different times of the year.

IBM’s new system definitely ties together with our topic of Enhanced E-R Modeling because of its use in finding patterns and matching up data.  IBM promises that this new product can make these connections quicker than anything else currently available.  I can only imagine the kind of data models this $2 billion dollar investment could create.

As I expressed in my blog about Project Sparta, I really like hearing about the steps IBM is taking to simplify data management. Apparently  the PureData System has been selected by the Premier healthcare alliance to analyze a large amount of data taken from all of its 2,700 hospitals.  Analyzing this data would most likely yield many patterns that could very well change the way these hospitals operate.  I’m sure that there are many, many more uses for this product and I look forward to hearing about them.

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