Quality Data and Managing It

by Katheryn T
The article I chose to write about was called “Managing Data Source Quality for Data Warehouse in Manufacturing Services”. This article spoke about the standard and quality management system that needs to take place in order to comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  First there has to be a quality management system for the data source. This is a process in which a model is put in place that has “several steps to ensure optimal data quality and is enriched with data quality management steps in order to fulfill customer requirements”(Idris & Ahmad, 2011).  Human resources, technical infrastructure, and work environment are needed to process and make sure the DQM is done correctly. The attributes of high quality data are described as accurate  reliable, important, consistent, precise, understandable, and useful. One of the problems with data quality can come from a lack of understanding of the origin of the data. When people manage the data, they need to be able to identify it correctly and need to be able to understand what kind of data it is and how to work with it. Data source quality can be improved by working with the data owner, determining the cause of the data quality, and correct the data source.

This article was relevant to what we had been learning in class because it talked about quality policies, quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. These are all things that we need to learn and make sure we master for working in the industry.

I liked this article because it gave clear instructions on what was needed to stay up to date and stated what needed to be done to make sure a company is up to the ISO standards. It was very interesting to find that most of the solutions are common sense. It was good to read an article that was all about the correctness of the data. Quality is the most important thing people can do for their data.


Idris, N., & Ahmad, K. (2011). Managing Data Source quality for data warehouse in manufacturing services. Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI), 2011 International Conference on, 1-6.

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  • December 2, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    I like your comment how most of the answers were plain common sense. Its interesting how so many times the answer to such complex problems can actually be something very simple. I also found it interesting that you said many times the problems lay in the fact that many people do not understand where the origin of data is and also do not know how good the data is. Thanks for the share!

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