Relational database of the future?{1}

by Andrew J
Relational databases have been around for over 30 years. Relational databases may be good at providing a database that is simple, robust, flexible, scalable, and compatible, however, it may not perform as well as other solutions that isolate each of those properties. In current times, the most important of those properties may be scalability. As web services continue to grow, the scale and scope of the database may be ever changing.

The database method used for many cloud services is called key/value store. Data is created, updated, deleted, and retrieved using API method calls. Key/Value stores are very suitable for clouds. They scale much better than today’s relational databases. The disadvantage of it is that it essentially is a block of data. It is difficult to analyze.

Relational database is still important for its mass adoption. Most, if not all database designers already know how to design relationally. However if a company plans on expanding rapidly and wants to save the time needed to edit and customize the database, it perhaps should look to different options such as key/value storage.



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