S-A-P Eyes O-L-A-P{1}

by Jonathan N
This article talks about how SAP has moved away from their ever popular operations management roots and have unveiled a new intelligence and data warehousing strategy. The product they are pushing includes an OLAP processor, a reporting engine and 1,200 preconfigured reports all of which can crunch data generated by SAP flagship product R3. What is also impressive is that whenever the data warehouse product is called, other companies can now adapt and receive other data from different sources into the new SAP BW. R3 has been known to be difficult to extract data from, but Peter Grendel, SAP’s global solutions marketing director states that SAP self developed tools are just what customers need.  Dan Vesset, who is an IDC analyst states that just because the powerhouse SAP states something, doesn’t mean that all customers will agree with them.  He claims there are a lot of vendors like the traditional business intelligence guys who are willing to pull data out of those systems and don’t need SAP products to continue with their successes.

I enjoyed reading this article because it gave me an insight on what SAP is and how, even though they are a powerhouse in operations management in Enterprise resource planning, they have began with a new business intelligence and data warehouse strategy.

This article pertains to the class discussion in the aspect of Enhanced Er Modeling. Because SAP is a well known powerhouse in the business world.

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