Salesforce CRM Upstart{Comments Off on Salesforce CRM Upstart}

by Joe C

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that helps companies manage their customer database using their online software. Around ten years ago, Marc Benioff left a top position at Oracle to pursue his launch of Salesforce, and has then created a service that accumulates revenues of up to $1.4 billion a year. This service focused on providing sales departments with easy and efficient ways on tracking sales history, how to reach customers, etc. Benioff is also quickly trying to migrate the world into the cloud platform, in which data will no longer be stored in the company’s own physical servers but will instead be stored on a “cloud,” which is online storage. He announces that “In ten years, I want us to be the largest and most important enterprise cloud computing company.”

I have utilized Salesforce at my previous job as an IT Administrator and have seen the potentials of this software. It relates to our current chapters of SQL in many ways, because most of its tools are all based on database management. I have used many of these tools such as Triggers (certain events will activate when a certain condition is met), data loaders (import a excel/csv document full of customer names, orders, etc. all at once). It also has the function to compile data into reports, spreadsheets, charts, etc. so that it is easily readable and easy to interpret trends. I have also saw the usefulness of user’s access, as sales people will only be able to access data about sales, customers will only go through their own portal, while admins have access to everything. In addition, there is also a sandbox where the IT administrators can play around and build test functions and try them out before those applications go into the real thing.

I feel that this is a really useful application, and as you can see, it works. Many companies use this in their sales department so that they can figure out things easily such as who’s making quota, who’s exceeding expectations, etc. Their main page dashboard is filled with charts and diagrams which make it extremely easy to get the gist of things at a glance, which is exactly what higher ups need with their lack of availability of time. I had an easy time learning many of the tools they offer, as many of their tools are built on an user friendly platform. For example, with clicks of a few buttons, the online software will create functions for you that will run SQL events in the background to retrieve the information you want.



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