SAP become player in the database world

by Robert Q
This article title “SAP lays out plans to become big player in databases, mobile”, talks about SAP trying to return the market of database by software called Sybase ASE. SAP is banking on this software for them to return into the database market. The article explains that SAP will face main challenge from customer because customers have to migrate their existing database to SAP new database software and this can be costly. The article explains that most existing customers are already heavily invested in their database of choice and change anything will take time and training. SAP have to overcome all of the challenges to really grow in the database market.

I believe that SAP would have a hard time entering into this market because the fact that most customers are heavily invested in the database that they choose to use for a very long period of time. Customers are not willing to change database software unless there is some major incentive for doing changing database. Only time can tell if this was the right move for SAP, however if SAP can develop a business plan that will work then SAP will be able to gain millions.

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2 thoughts on “SAP become player in the database world”

  1. I disagree with you. I think SAP has enough resources to enter the market with little trouble. I wrote a blog not so long ago that they also plan to enter into the cloud computing market. It appear they are heavily invested in growing and expanding which i think is a great idea become they are trying to become more competitive instead of relying on past technologies.

  2. I am going to have to agree with Anthony here, SAP is growing in pull already, and I have seen several job listings involving SAP Products already and several articles popping up on SQL Anywhere. SAP is really doing well for themselves, and I hope the competition ensures Oracle introduces some really awesome stuff down the way!

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