SAP looking to take over Database Market{1}

by Hassib K
A recent Reuters article spoke about SAP plans on becoming a major player in the database market.  SAP is well known for its business management software, which it happens to be the largest manufacturer.  Oracle is in second place behind SAP in that market.  In July of 2010, SAP acquired Sybase, the worlds 4th largest database software company.  Looking back, this was definitely a sign for things to come.  SAP is planning on making a big announcement at an April 10 news conference in downtown San Francisco.  SAP has been working on expanding Sybase’s line of mobility software.  This move may put SAP in competition with Microsoft and IBM who are a  couple of it’s biggest sales partners.  Apparently, SAP has a little bit of experience in the database market already because last year they launched a specialized database software called Hana that sold $208 million in it’s first two quarters.  So far, Hana has only been offered to certain companies using niche applications that are analyzing large amounts of data but the plan is to make it available as a database for its business management software very soon.


This sounds like fantastic news for the business world and SAP.  The company will grow larger and they will make more money, probably, considering how well Hana did.  The business world will now have a database solution to use with SAP that will probably work better and simpler than any other software thus making database related tasks easier for IT and non-IT people alike.  This will lead to increases in efficiency, productivity, and so on.  I think this will be very good for everyone.



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