SAP vs. Oracle{2}

by Anthony T
The article outlines SAP’s new initiative to tighten up competition against Oracle. The focal point of SAP’s aggressive strategy is a new database software called Hana. The purpose of Hana is to ” analyze vast caches of sales and operational information, as well as unstructured data such as e-mail and social media.” Something i found very interesting was the fact that Hana instead of relying on the hard disk it does so on memory. The article also mentions the $5.8 billion acquisition of database maker Sybase Inc. Aside from purchasing this company it also invested in a cloud computing base company named SuccessFactors Inc. One of the main purposes to their strategy is that by 2015 they project to have a revenue of 20 billion euros.

The article really puts into perspective the whole market of database software. In class we are studying the fundamentals of how data is represented in many different software programs. This article however outlines the biggest software companies in the world and how they are staying competitive in the market.

It’s actually very hard to imagine that the very concepts discussed in class are developed world wide with companies that have revenue in the billions of euros. This article has helped me realize the impact of database software in the business world and the importance it plays worldwide.


Rahn, Cornelius, Robertson, Jordan. (April 11, 2012). SAP Challenges Oracle With $500 million Hana Incentive.Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek. [Retrieved] April 14, 2012, [from]