Scalable Database Service{1}

by Mike Y
Amazon Web Service (AWS) launched a NoSQL database that scales up or down depending on the customers needs. Traditional databases were not as flexible with scalability. The AWS allows the managing and scaling of databases for web apps where normally it would be difficult and costly to do so. DynamoDB is a new database service which stores data on Solid State Drives and is used internally at

These kinds of customizable services are what helps many small business grow much faster than in the past. The case used to be huge amounts of money to invest in technology and would take many years to pay off. Now, with affordable scalable databases, anyone can subscribe to AWS for personal or business use and won’t have to break the bank to do it. The reliability is backed up by its use by Amazon’s advertising platform, Amazon Cloud Drive, IMDb, and Kindle.

It relates to the class because the company, DynamoDB, “designed the service based on its experience building large non-relational databases for” (Gohring, 2012) Other companies have adopted it and I wouldn’t doubt that many others would use it. Now, the smaller companies wouldn’t have to “either buy bigger hardware or split databases across servers” which opens up advantageous options for smaller companies.

Gohring, N. (2012, Janu 18). Amazon web services launches managed database service. Retrieved from