See-through Bendable Phones{4}

The article i read for this week discussed the technological advancements for smartphones.  Electronic components will become transparent and bendable.  Smartphones will become flexible transparent gadgets with touch-screens, processors, memory and batteries.  According to the article “To build a compete see-through gadget, processor circuits can be built by ink-jet printing crystalline carbon films–called graphene–on transparent polymer substrates using technology developed at the University of Cambridge by professor Andrea Ferrari.”

This article grabbed my attention because it blows my mind what technology is capable of.  Imagine having a clear see through phone with a light up touch display for dialing or navigating the interface.  Not just phones, televisions and computer monitors too.  All too cool and exciting.

This article relates to class because we’re always talking about new technology and how it affects us in some way.  This will create a new market for developers, as well as manufacturers.


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