,Sentiment Analysis in Social medias{1}

by Chris S
Sentiment Analysis has seemed to be of very few use in the past but with more and more people using social media networks such as facebook, twitter and tumblr, companies are looking to utilize this usage of these sites to their business advantage. What is Sentiment Analysis? Sentiment Analysis is when companies grade feedback from outside sources, usually regular people and create a database based that feedback for positive use. In short a company called SAS Institute created a service called SAS Social Media Analytics that will analyze feedback from from various social networking sites such as posts, blogs, and tweets, to determine which individuals post comments about a specific topic, the one given in the article was on hotels. The companies then contact these people who have the higher percentage of posts for the specific topic and ensure that they have all the latest updates on that topic.

This use of data mining will help companies reach out to potential customers and create a new form of advertising through social media networks. they use artificial intelligence software to collect data on posts people make on the topic and sort out which ones have the higher percentage of positive feedback. Databases work in similar ways that they contain data and can be sorted in different ways. This allows companies to easily retrieve data from the databases via a network. Data mining is a crucial aspect to developing databases because it specifies which data is relevant to the database and should therefore be stored in it.

This is beneficial to Businesses because they can now narrow their focus down to specific targets and increase their marketing in a way that targets the most influential audiences. This use of new technology will further advance thanks to businesses investing more resources into such a technology that will allow them to grow financially. By being able to search the internet for posts on, for example bars, companies can then collect the feedback by users and gain a percentage number based on the feedbacks and then provide that user with updated information about that industry and specifically, the business itself. Advertising takes many forms but the most simple and common form is “word of mouth”, which is why many business see great potential in such technology.