Should I Have A Twitter Account?{1}

by Jintien C
This article is about the Central Intelligence Agency is reviewing people’s tweets. According to Dozier, CIA analyzes all kinds of tweets; no matter what language they are or what content they have. First, the agency will collect all information and translate into plain English. And based on the tweets origin, the analysts cross-reference them with local newspaper or caught phone conversation. After they put the pieces together, the analysts will easily figure out the puzzle.

I think Twitter is one of the many ways to express your view to the others. And it is also a good way to know other people’s thoughts. Since Internet is so broad, people are usually express more comfortably and freely. However, CIA gathers people’s tweets and stores into them its database. These tweets have been sorted based on individual events or occurrences. I don’t mind my tweets monitored by CIA. Because these tweets are my thoughts, I want to let people to know and read. On the other hand, it makes me to think twice what words to use before posting a tweet since CIA is monitoring.

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