Should We Hire or Train IT Professional To Analyze Data{5}

In the article ” Big Data Analysts: Do You Hire or Train for it?” written by Mary Shacklett, the author asked should the company hire or train a an IT profession to analyze the big data. There is con and pro for both. Hiring an IT profession would definitely boost up the process because they’re used to the tools and the process. However, it comes with a high cost to hire an experienced IT profession. On the other hand, training an IT profession will save money but it will takes time. The author also give a scenario where it would be a good idea to train an IT profession rather than hiring one and vice versa. For example, when there is a problem with data analyzing, accuracies (company like pharmaceutical) or develop complex algorithm, it would be best to hire a professional IT analyst. When it come to data mining, the company should “looking internally at their own engineering and research people” because they are expert in that field doing data mining can also help them searching for the new trend. For instance, “A market research analyst in Marketing can potentially be stretched into a big data analytic expert on customer and product trends.”

I choose this article because the article’s title hook me. I thought that it will be a good idea to hire a professional from outside to help because they are an expert in that field. However, after I read the article, I realized that for small company it’s not the case. Instead they should train an individual within the company for the job because that would save them money and moreover, the person who do the data mining can also learn the new trend.