Should We Update Electronic Privacy Act

by Jintien C
This article is about Electronic Communications Privacy Act(ECPA). ECPA was introduced in 1986, but since then it has not been changed a lot. Technology has brought many different ways that people communicate such as cell phones, search engines, social networking sites and so forth. In the meanwhile, these technologies also help and gather more user’s information to the government. One of big reasons that ECPA has not been updated is discouraged from law enforcement agencies. On the other end, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and several other activist groups are trying to push ECPA reform.

Now we all have felt technology has changed our daily lives in many different ways. As technology advances, people are raising concerns about their privacies. For example, every time users browse or search any websites, Google always gives related ads or suggests similar websites. Google’s database has sorted information by your request. Apple and Amazon have started offering cloud services recently. This becomes another new privacy issue their servers always back up users data information. I think ECPA should be updated. Because technology has changed dramatically since 25 years ago when ECPA was created.

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4 thoughts on “Should We Update Electronic Privacy Act”

  1. i do agree that we have vastly outdated laws concerning electronic communications. technology has advanced at such a fast rate that it has outgrown our ability to regulate it. we now live in a time where it is easy for law enforcement to gather information on you without your consent or knowledge. so because of this i believe that we need a major overhaul of electronic law not only domestically but worldwide.

  2. To even consider writing laws that have any reflection on specific technology is absurd considering how fast technology moves and how slow politics can’t keep up.

    Privacy laws relating to technology should be non-specific and be basically encompass the right to know.

    People should be clearly informed of what information about them is gathered and how it is used, but I feel that should be enough.

  3. You actually bring up a really good point. Privacy has become key, especially with all this technology around us. It gives me the creeps when I think about someone knowing exactly where I live, just from a picture taken on a phone. I just think we should have more privacy when it comes to our personal information, and I consider what I buy online personal information.

  4. I know privacy is very important and I believe most people will agree with you and say that we do need privacy laws changed and the ECPA to be looked into but I am realistic like the previous poster’s comment and know that for those laws to take effect our government has to approve it and I know they will not. It is not in the benefit of our government. You have to remember even though we believe our government serves us, it benefits and protects itself before anyone else including from us. This is a act that will not be changed anytime soon.

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