Significance of Data Modeling in Today’s Business{2}

by Michael V
In today’s modern day business, the day to day operations of a company are so complex that it would be impossible to process by normal means. Raw data is no use to any human being until it is processed to a point of becoming “information” that can be readily absorbed by people to gain the intelligence over business affairs that they need. This is where data modeling comes into play. Data modeling is essentially a process in which basic data in the form of unintelligible words and numbers is converted into a picturesque format that allows information to be absorbed with a mere glance.

The website attempts to convey the importance of data modeling to the readers in a way that would allow for users to understand why data modeling is such an important skill to have in today’s society. I believe that this holds true to today’s businesses, because of how large companies can grow. The larger a corporation gets, the more information it has to deal with, naturally. Because of the sheer amount of data that must be processed in these companies, in order to allow the decision makers the ability to quickly realize the situation their companies are in, data modeling is a required skill to have. Through the modeling of the data, numbers can be turned into easy to understand information, saving higher ups time and pain in the process, which is why data modeling is such a coveted skill in today’s economy.

This is related to this week’s lecture topic of Modeling Data In The Organization by stating the importance of data modeling in real life applications. The article demonstrates the significance of modeling data for an organization, in order to present a clear picture of the state of the company, in order to allow decision makers the ability to foresee trends and steer the company in a positive direction. This can prevent costly errors and allow for many opportunities to flourish, which is why data modeling is a necessary skill for any business looking towards the future.

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