Simply Dropcanvas

by David A
The article “Dropcanvas Offers Up Free, Dead Simple File Sharing, But Can It Last?” is about a new free sharing service called Dropcanvas.  The website is simple, easy and straight to the point.  Absolutely no training is required to use this website.  You can upload a maximum of 5GB files and simply share with anyone.  Sharing is available through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or the traditional e-mail approach.  A simple account can be created to keep track of all the Canvases.  Chris Newnham and Heath Axton created this simple service and have no plans to monetize the service, although they did mention that donations will be accepted to keep operations running.  The launch of the service was two weeks ago, and has been pretty solid so far.  The creators fear that in the wrong hands the site is vulnerable due to the common dangers of today’s piracy.  To prevent these issues, a lot of monitoring and policing are going to be necessary.  They mentioned websites such as MegaUpload and how their services were exploited, and comparing to Dropcanvas and its anonymously sharing service, many think it will not last.

What got me interested about this article is its claim of having and simpler cloud sharing service that is simpler then dropbox.  I honestly didn’t think that it was possible, but I was wrong.  Dropcanvas was designed for those people that are not computer or internet savvy.  After reading this article, I had to try it out for myself.  I was blown away by its pure simplicity.  I could share files between computers in minutes without a login.  I really encourage everyone to try it out, it is amazing.  Unfortunately, I do not think that Dropcanvas has a future for two reasons.  As the number of users increase, so will the storage size.  They will need more capacity and processing power, which requires more hardware, which costs money.  The first problem is manageable by just charging a very small fee, but the bigger problem is the piracy, and sharing of illegal contents anonymously.  Once the word gets out about this service, many will abuse it, and it will be just like MegaUpload and other file sharing services that were shutdown.

Source: Chris Velazco (2012, June 2) Dropcanvas Offers Up Free, Dead Simple File Sharing, But Can It Last?. techcrunch. Retrieved June 3, 2012 from