SkySQL’s New Database Tool{2}

The article talks about how a company named SkySQL released a configuration tool that deploys databases to a cloud environment.  SkySQL offers its services to database administrators that lack the technical skills to transfer databases to a cloud environment.  The new company will offer its services on Amazon Web Services(AWS).  Through this new configuration, it allows its users to manage instances, isolate and reconfigure individual nodes, and backup and restore.  The article informs the reader about the compatibility of the new service and how it is compliant with the three most used MySQL distributions.  MySQL is a growing trend that allows companies to seek the latest performance optimization technologies.  SkySQL provides a lucrative service that received funding from a number of investors that hope to see the company grow and evolve.

The article relates to this week’s lecture topic because it explores the boundaries of databases and its movement into a cloud environment.  I thought this article was very interesting as it explored the up and coming new idea of an emerging company.  With the constant growth of technology, new methods are always appearing in the area of file processing.  There are many advantages of databases, and storing them in cloud environments are just one of the components of database environments.

Database management has always been an important aspect of any business and the fact that there are always new methods and tools being discovered fascinate me.  It reveals that there is an unlimited amount of potential for a company to always make itself more efficient, in this case moving the database into a cloud environment.  There are many up and coming ideas to see in order to improve advantages for database management and rid the disadvantages that make it less efficient.

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