Social CRM

by Andrew J
845 million people in the world use Facebook as a means of social media. 152 million of those users are located within the United States. Many more millions of users also use other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Many businesses are trying to find ways to integrate these platforms together with customer relationship management. CRM covers the software systems companies use to serve customers, generate sales leads, manage marketing campaigns, and analyze and segment customer data. In order to integrate CRM and social media, a new level of trust between the two relationships must be built. Customers would have to trust companies with their private social media accounts. Even though many companies have social media pages, such as facebook pages, they lack the proper procedures for responding to customer complaints and feedback. Just 17% of companies polled by Information Week have a formal process for responding to customer complaints on facebook.

In today’s day and age social media has become so popular that companies could hit a major setback if they don’t join the party. Many smaller businesses rely heavily on social media. Small businesses such as kogi truck or other restaurants use facebook and twitter to promote their name. They use it to gather customer feedback and communicate with their guests. It may be a difficult task for large businesses, however if they must follow the footsteps of the small businesses. Gone are the days where customer data is harvested through mail and phone calls. Perhaps gone even are the days of the e mail. Social Networks are the future of data retrieval.


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2 thoughts on “Social CRM”

  1. Good theory..I don't know about email data retrieval going away anytime soon, it is also the future I believe along with social media data retrieval. Just look at gmail. If that's any indication then its just going to get worse and all the email services will soon have the same procedure. I hope that they do find a way for social media information to be more secure. As long as there is no abuse then all this is fine but we know that there will be abuse because there are always people out there preying on innocent people's valuables and in this case their information. A level of trust is right but like real life we have can't really trust anyone but ourselves, in general I mean. Now we are going to trust strangers? Buyer beware but in this case user beware, we are getting to that point already but we have to be wiser than those predators by keeping our information safe! There is nothing new under the sun, as they say so we just have to be more cautious and know that nothing in life is free.

    1. The new social media technologies are a great way to interact on a daily basis in ways which were once unheard of. However, I think as users we must be careful of the extent to which we use them. They might be free of cost but to which extent. We might not be giving them cash to use their social media platforms but we are giving up our identity.

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