Sony Gets Hacked{3}

by Abubaker D
So my article is about the hack that hit the Sony Europe server. You all know the name Sony, and one of their servers that is stationed in Europe got a rain of hacks. The hacker was able to get users information such as passwords, email, phone numbers and so on. The hacker’s name was Idahc, he is a Lebanese guy. Idahc said that the hack was really easy. And what’s even more interesting is that he used simple SQL statements to hack into Sony’s server. The author then goes on talking about how bad Sony’s security is and that their database administrator should be ashamed of their selves unless they don’t want to spend more money on security. The hacker also claimed that he got hands on even more juicy information from another server, such as credit cards. Sony gave its users free games and a trial for some offer that they had to make up for the compromise.

This is connected to our class because it’s talking about database security. I thought this would be helpful for students because we are using SQL statements now and you can just see how vulnerable those companies’ servers are. I mean its Sony we’re talking about here.

This just shows me how powerful SQL is. I never knew that the people who hacked into Sony used SQL injection. That is really interesting. And I will be learning more about it in the future for sure.

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