Sports Use Database Technology{12}

In American sports is the most poplar entertainment for everyone. When I watch NBA and NFL game they mention that how technology help the coach to make decided for the match line up. So I want to know how much did technology help them, I decide to do this research on how sports using database technology to keep track the players and teams statistics to help the team get more wins, and how they use Global Positioning system track player data to improve the player’s strength.

As you can see a lot of computer monitors on the courtside or filed side if you wonder what is those computer they’re for? I can tell you that they are collecting data during the game for the players. See how did they performance in the game. After data reports come out the coach need to go throw following five steps, observation, analysis, evaluation, feedback and planning. After that coach need to decide if there is anyways for them to do better or any improvement from the next game. The technological advances and declining costs have given coaches access to computer, and digital cameras and analysis software. For example “if two football strikers have each scored four goals over four games, it would be easy to assume that both are performing well. However, if striker A has had 16 shots on goal to striker B’s eight shots, the former’s success ration is 4:1 compared with a much more impressive ration of 2:1 for the latter. Comparing performances between teams, team members and within individuals often easier and more accurate if the performance indicators are expressed in terms of ratios such as possession to turnovers winners to errors and passes taken to passes completed.” As you can how the database help out the team for deciding making for the plays during the game.

All 32 NFL team are using GPS technology to tracking players improving their strength and prevent injury. What they did put a small GPS device on the players back this allow the GPS tracking data energy used during practice and see if they can push their body to the limited. They also this method to working on players come back from injury for example “ if a player trying to return from injury did about 50 percent of a practice workload, catapult can track at what intensity it was done.  Example two If a player can accelerate 60 percent faster to his left than his right after a recent right knee injury, the data indicate that he’s [probably not ready for the practice and game day.“ Newcomb(2013, Aug 28)

They did not stop there, they are taking a step forward now they are using database statistics to track NBA players which quarter did they score the most in the game and did the player play better on away game or home game etc. the most impress idea the NBA IT create a database, used statistics that measure the distance cover and the average speed of the all movements (sprinting, jogging, standing, walking, backwards and forwards) by a player while on the court and catch and shoot database this is tracking players any jump shot outside of the 10 feet where a player possessed the ball for seconds or less and took no dribbles.

The programmers who program this use open Data Schema to create this database for all sport statistics, Data schema is it structure described in a formal language support by the database management system and refer to the organization of data as a blueprint of how a database is constructed.

At the end of the research I found out why database technology is so useful in sports, this make the coaches job much easier to make deciding during the practice and game. Their a benefit for fans too, they can keep tracking their favorite player stats though out their favorite player career.












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