SQL and Google get closer together{2}

by Ermie C

Back in 2010 Google had a project called App Engine and incorporating SQL to that project’s features were part of it.  Now, at the end of 2011, they have started to add a free beta service for using a relational database system called Google Cloud SQL.  With the new App Engine program from Google, an administrator can apply common relational databases in the internet.  They have also implemented an import/export feature so that users can add databases created from other sources, like Microsoft SQL.  It’s really convenient and all a user needs is the internet.  The Google App Engine began in 2008 and it’s really great that they have started implementing this.  It seems that Google is getting their hands on everything.  Although, Google Cloud SQL is still free for now, there will be an update on how much it costs in the future.

I think this innovation is amazing because it really incorporates the whole infrastructure of a company.  Small or large, it will give access to everyone in that group.  I believe that this is related to the class lectures because it was mentioned in class about the disadvantages and advantages of using SQL.  I’m just expanding on bigger ideas because if there can be a set amount of people who can access the data, then SQL integration on certain information can be handled by many people.  This is in comparison to the one database administrator that has to deal with all the information that must be entered in to the database.

One more thing, I forgot to mention is that they have implemented a control panel to make it a lot easier for Google users to use.  I believe that this is an amazing thing to do.  Especially for people that don’t have the money to pay for the different services given by other companies.  Businesses and schools have already started integrating Google Apps and I think with this sharing, updating, and utilizing information may just get more easy.

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