SQL ‘big data’ driving

by Quoc L
2012 is going to be a big year for Microsoft’s SQL server. It going to get a huge overhaul and cloud support this year. The explosive increase of data is forcing SQL server to change the way of managing and storing data. Up and coming solid state drive usage have spike recently as a new and faster way of data storage.solid state drive is the new up and coming tech for data storage. The new hard drive have more then twice the speed of traditional hard drive.  Another huge internet trend that is affecting SQL is cloud computing and storage. Cloud computing is where data are store on the “cloud” where anybody on the internet can access the data with ease. These data are storage in data warehouse that is constantly connected to internet. With these two new trend, database is going to become faster and efficient then it was in the past.

I find it how almost every SQL server is adding cloud computing for better usability and performance. As the rise in data, new and better data management is require to keep  database in sync with technology growth. As we are learning about relationship database, it might be old and obsolete in upcoming future. It kind of frightening how fast technology move and their impact on everything that is related to it.


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  1. I wonder if this trend that you mentioned will be danger us for the users in the long run. As much as a cloud sound really useful. I think that I would prefer that any information that I have has some place where it is physical enough for me to retrieve it from.

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