SQL Databases: Oracle9i Database

by Jonathan N
This Article written by an Anonymous person on Pcmag.com  talks about the different databases and which one he believes takes the so called “Blue Ribbon” as the overall winner. He emphatically mentioned that Oracle9i prevailed thanks to its superior feature set, reliability, and performance. He mentioned how Oracle9i offers the most advanced management and performance tools, and how it topped the other products on our throughputs tests.  However the downfall of Oracle9i  is that it is much pricier than the its competitors. It also mentions that it is less proprietary.

He then mentions that IBM’s DB2 Universal Database 7.2 is also a good database because it supports for open standards such as XML and Java. IBM’s database configuration isn’t as streamlined as Oracle9i’s but it lets you interoperate more easily with other vendors products.  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP2 in his eyes are the hands down ease of use leader in the field. He mentions that if you don’t have an outsized IT budget, it’s a good choice to go with.

I feel like this article was fitting to do as my last blog post because, it touches base on all the main database programs .  I finally received an insight on multiple types of data base  systems other than just SQL server. This article fit well with the class discussion since we are in a database class we are to talk about different types of databases to make us familiar with them all.


(March 26, 2012) SQL Database: Oracle91 Database Referred to: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,4179,00.asp

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  • June 3, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    I think those key points that you mentioned about IBM’s DB2 being more interoperable with other vendors is what gives IBM the advantage over the more streamlined companies. We all know that the ones that are more scalable attract more customers.

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