SQL Databases: Oracle9i Database{1}

by Eric H
In this article it talked about different types of databases are available to us. First is the new Oracle9i Database, even though it costs twice as much as its nearest competitors, it does seems to win against it’s competitors due to its superior feature set, reliability and performance (“Pcmag,” 2002). Oracle9i also offers the most advanced management and performance tools. Then there is the IBM DB2 Universal debase 7.2, it supports open standard such as XML and Java. It lets the user interoperate more easily with other vendor’s products. However the configuration isn’t as streamlined as Oracle9i (“Pcmag,” 2002), but overall is a good choice for enterprise use. Next up is the most common Micosoft SQL Server 2000 SP2, it is the more ease of use out of all other products (“Pcmag,” 2002). It does not have the best performance, but it a great choice for those that don’t have a large budget. There are also the low cost solution like Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 and MySQL 4.0 (“Pcmag,” 2002). While it’s budget minded, it lacks in capabilities.

It relates to our lectures because choosing the right type of of database software is important. It seems like the most common one is Microsoft SQL Server, due to its perfect balance in both cost and performance. As of now i only know a little tiny bit about database, but i am looking forward to look more of it in the coming weeks.

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