SQL Incorporation into Blackberry

by Ermie C
Mobile devices have been part of our lives ever since the smart phones were created.  It’s found a way to help us organize our lives, find information, and keep people from forgetting people’s phones numbers.  Idera, who spoke to blackberry systems, has created something called, “SQL Mobile Manager 3.0” that can create and manage SQL servers and administration.  This a great way for business people to be able to manage their accounts on the go.    To be able to access Microsoft SQL Server it has opened up the limitless abilities of a business owner.

This was an interesting article because it showed how well many people use the blackberry or any smart phone.  Especially, business users because when people want to organize their life, managing accounts of their customers would be much easier to modify and monitor.  Also, I didn’t know who Idera really was until now.  We control a lot of things in our lives and a business needs to be made mobile anyway.

This is incorporated into our class because as future or possible future DBAs, we need to understand that many people need someone to understand the different possibilities of controlling a database.  However, with the increasing SQL injections and hacking through mobile devices, I am wondering if this is a safe way to keep information.  This was published in 2008 and I did an article that was published in 2010 about T-Mobile getting hacked.  Will we really be safe?


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2 thoughts on “SQL Incorporation into Blackberry”

  1. I think having a SQL mobile is not the smart way to go in the future, because you only can do so much with mobile devices. With Blackberry is going right now too, Blackberry is loosing a lot of their market share in the USA.

  2. I agree with the last statement. If all of these large companies are getting their databases hacked through SQL injections, when SQL is moved to mobile platforms, would that give a way for hackers to hack straight into our devices?

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