SQL Programmer{Comments Off on SQL Programmer}

by Joe C
Sylvain Faust International’s SQL-Programmer is a software they created for programmers to be more productive. It features many easily accessible debugger tools as well as the capability to manage object permissions so that they will have the power to control every aspect of each given object. There are four primary components to the SQL-Programmer: The Access Manager, the Script Interface, the SQL-Explorer, and the Report Interface. They focused on making the product to be intuitive so that the functions may be easily learned or “caught on,” but some users have actually found this counterintuitive. Sometimes there are too many ways to accomplish one task that the user doesn’t know which way would be the best, most effecient way. Some enterprise features include built-in support for some other source-code softwares. Another optional add-on is the PL/SQL Debugger, an essential tool for serious programmers.

I think that creating a user friendly programmer software that is easy to use is a great way to get new programmers started. With an intuitive design, users can easily figure out how to make things run a certain way. In addition, this article seems to say that this program is capable of performing many specialized tasks, so you should almost be able to do anything you need to.

With what we’re currently learning in SQL, sometimes the correct coding can be difficult to figure out. However, if this software presents the user with simple buttons to create the code, then that can be very helpful to code newbies. For me, I’ve already had experience in java and html, so I can recognize how some code works. Other times, I am just able to understand it after processing it a little bit. However for people that aren’t computer-saavy, I can see them stopping before they even start. Personally I’ve had experience with these softwares that make coding easier such as simple website makers or video makers. While I believe they do come up with a general design that looks great, it usually doesn’t come with much variability. So after creating one website that looks cool, if you make a second or third one you’ll feel like they look almost identical. Hopefully with this program, there isn’t any preset way it tries to have you do things, but instead makes everything available so that the user can still learn all the methods. That way in the future the programmer will be able to tell through experience which method works best for whichever occasion instead of using the same code over and over again on different projects even if it isn’t efficient.

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