SQL Server 2012, a push towards Big Data{Comments Off on SQL Server 2012, a push towards Big Data}

by Hassib K
I read a recent article by Alan R. Earls about the upcoming SQL Server 2012 and the cool new features.  The explosion of big data use throughout the organizations will be the driving force for updates in the new SQL Server.  Cloud computing also will have a tremendous impact on the future of SQL Server.  The new version is supposed to have a Virtual Launch on March 7 and it will include a new feature that allows connecting to Apache Hadoop which is an open-source distributed computing framework used for big data storage and processing.  Microsoft is pushing a self-service BI strategy where you don’t have to be the IT pro in order to use database tools.  This trend has brought about the introduction of Power View, which is SQL Server 2012’s data visualization tool.  This tool will be able to scan millions of rows of data from a variety of sources making analytics easier and more presentable.  PowerPivot will also be tweaked and updated for SQL Server 2012 which allows users to use key performance indicators in reports or chose department specific perspectives of data.  All of these updates and new features are meant to make SQL Server easier to use for non-IT professionals.  They want to make database access, report generation, and the like become something that the sales manager would be able to do and eliminate the need for the IT department to build reports.

A great article with interesting information about the exciting new features and updates that will be found in SQL Server 2012.  Since I just barely started using this piece of software, I am still not too familiar with it but these new features do sound very promising to me. I think making report generation easier for non-tech users would be fantastic.  Having the ability to easily analyze and display data will make the 2012 version so much more powerful.  I think many organizations will upgrade if in fact it is that easy to use.  I like the self-service BI trend by Microsoft.  This sounds like a smart move that will attract many new customers.


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