SQL Server 2012{2}

For this weeks blog post I read an article that was about a year old written by Chris Kanaracus. The article was titled “Microsoft reveals launch date for next-generation SQL Server 2012.” The article talked about the online launch event and how it will contain keynote addresses from Microsoft corporate vice presidents, what versions the launch will include and the types of licensing available. SQL Server 2012 has three different editions, Business Intelligence, Standard edition and enterprise edition. The new business intelligence edition also known as BI adds a feature called the Power View data discovery tool. The enterprise edition is supposed to include advanced security, high availability capabilities and columnar data storage. The author clearly has minor issues with the SQL server product because he states that it is a good product if you don’t mind getting locked in to all of Microsofts other products. The author also talks about how Oracle on the other hand is not Microsoft OS dependent however it does not have the columnar storage that SQL server 2012 will have which could be a nice feature.

This article caught my eye because we are starting to learn SQL and we will be for the next couple of weeks of class. SQL server 2012 seems like it has some really cool features that can be beneficial, however the author does have a point that you do end up getting locked in to Microsofts products when using it. I am excited to learn how to use SQL server and in the future use Oracle products so that I can see the major differences and decide what I think works best.

Kanaracus, C. (2012 January). Microsoft Reveals Launch Date for Next-Generation SQL Server 2012. Retrieved Nov. 4 2012 from: http://www.pcworld.com/article/248671/microsoft_reveals_launch_date_for_nextgeneration_sql_server_2012.html