SQL Server Features{1}

by Jorge R
The author of my article talks about the features that SQL Server 2008 has to offer. He explains that SQL relies heavily on Microsoft Office and Share Point Server, to interpret self service business intelligence(BI). One of the improved features includes displaying the number of users and number of queries for a hosted workbook. This allows the administrator to look at the log report displaying a high number of traffic,and focus its attention to that specific area. With the newest update SQL has revamped its report builder to resemble the components of Microsoft Office 2010. This was done to increase the ease of the user interface, and have a wide selection of charts and graphs to display data reports. With all of these updated features, they have also added a feature to the SQL Server Utility. This enables administrators to, “…manage and monitor multiple database applications and server instances from a central interface called a Utility Control Point (UCP)”. The most compelling feature in the new update includes PowerPivot. This is a useful tool that allows workers with good spreadsheet skills to, take a large amount of data from a spreadsheet style interface.

This article was very informative, by informing the reader the array of new features included in SQL Servers newest update. It is a good idea to have Microsoft products have similar user interfaces to keep the systems alike and easy to use. Over the years the products have been updated to help improve the product and give users new tools to help them interpret the data. I can see this article relating and helping me in class in our new class project. By explaining all the new features, we can easily interpret the data and help us outside of school, if we ever chose to start our own business or related work field.


Brooks, J. (2010). SQL Server 2008 R2 offers new management capabilities. Eweek, 27(12), 18-20.