SQL Server In Farming

by Jorge R
The main purpose of the article is to explain how SQL Server can be implemented into the farming business. In the dairy business, milk is the banner child for their main product. Over the years the demand for dairy products have skyrocketed, which led researchers to find new innovative ways to improve farming techniques. In order to produce the best cows, researchers needed to look at the family tree, they need to pinpoint the cows with the best genes by using genetic evaluation, “…in the animal breeding and genetics depth analysis of the theory based on the use of advanced computer object-oriented programming ideas…”.The first step is to perform Test Day Model (TDM),”is a series of test day records for genetic evaluation of the object as a treatment mode”. The second step is to design a create a system structure of dairy cow genetic evaluation performance. Upon collecting a variety of data from multiple cows, the data can be organized into data tables. The implementation of cow genetic performance evaluation needs to include data such as pedigree, descent, condition growth, development and childbirth. The article also explains the basics on how to update, delete, and insert data into SQL Server.

This article is interesting, in the fact that I would have never guessed that farmers would be using SQL Server to help them analyze data. Now after reading the article it makes perfect sense for them to be using the software.  It is essential for them to use SQL Server in order to organize and simplify the massive amounts of data. This relates to our class because it shows us an alternative way to use SQL Server. I can relate to this article because we used the same statements in our second class project. This article makes me wonder, what other ways SQL Server helps businesses.

Qian Zhao; He Huang; , “Research on dairy cow genetic evaluation system based on SQL Server,” Electronic Computer Technology (ICECT), 2010 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.193-196, 7-10 May 2010
doi: 10.1109/ICECTECH.2010.5479959
URL: http://0-ieeexplore.ieee.org.opac.library.csupomona.edu/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5479959&isnumber=5479932


4 thoughts on “SQL Server In Farming”

  1. I don't think the actual farmers are using SQL to improve their cows but it is interesting that they will go to great lengths to improve their cows to produce better dairy. I would have never guessed, but I guess it is a logical progression.

  2. I dont think the average farmer uses SQL for that matter but I can see the big diary producers using it as they have the resources to do so. This is interesting read though, it illustraits how SQL has many uses and improve many businesses.

  3. Haha, combining SQL with genetic splicing for cows is pretty awesome. I remember watching something similar about how they make those huge bulls. Though it is a longshot, I can definitely see farmers using this type of technology in order to create a more efficient system for themselves.

  4. Great article, who would have thought, farmers using SQL. This article has a very good point, as the uses of technology are virtually limitless. Which is why it is so important for CIS students to understand how to utilize these systems in a effective manner to help enhance businesses.

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