SQL Server Organizations and Opportunities{Comments Off on SQL Server Organizations and Opportunities}

by Evin C
The world of SQL is something of a mystery to me and I would like to change that. I have chosen an article that would benefit me in showing how to learn more about the culture behind SQL and it’s community. This article brings about information on the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) and their commitment to sharing their knowledge about past and present advances with SQL Server. This article in Business Wire explains the organization as “…an independent, not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting the Microsoft SQL Server community.” PASS has a drive to promote the well-being and connection between all users of the SQL Server community and also has “the ability to influence the direction of SQL Server technologies.” PASS has announced that it will be presenting 24 one-hour webcasts on March 15-16 to share some of the new and improved aspects of the SQL Server and Business Intelligence (BI) community along with giving PASS and BI experts to voice their opinions in the on-goings of the community.

This not only shows me that the SQL Server community has a foundation but also ground to stand on. The fact that their is this much drive behind these applications is amazing. Applying this to class goes as far as describing SQL organizations to how to go about learning more on your own about SQL. Having a very minimal background in these technologies, this article and these opportunities really showed to how excited I am to be learning this material.

The professional world applications SQL has is enormous and finding that there is more than enough ways to either get involved or learn more has been enlightening. On March 15-16 I hope to gain more information about the SQL community and by that time have enough knowledge to participate in discussions about SQL Server.



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