SQL Server Virtual DBA App

by Willen L
This article talks about a new application that was recently released that allows you to monitor their SQL Server in real time on a windows phone. This application is aimed towards IT managers and database administrators that want to keep a close eye on their databases without going through the hassle of accessing their SQL Server that involves complicated log in and VPN access and remote connecting in just to monitor stuff on their Servers. This application lets the user access the information just by providing the Virtual DBA password and then it does all the work and connects the user and displays real time statistics like errors, performance, and uptime details. This app is also available  for the ipad/iphone.

I thought this article was interesting because I often think of what it would be like to be a DBA and now I know what some do on their off days, to check on their databases. With this app it makes it much more convenient for them to do so.

PRWEB. 2012. PRWeb.com. WardyIT.com releases SQL Server Virtual DBA Windows Phone App. http://www.prweb.com/releases/prwebsql-server/windows-phone-app/prweb9221600.htm

7 thoughts on “SQL Server Virtual DBA App”

  1. I am concerned about the security threat that wireless access to a database may pose. I understand that the app developers would take security as top priority, but I don’t know if there could be enough security measures taken to stop a dedicated hacker. Hopefully, there will be no such problems with this app.

  2. it's cool to know that almost all kinds of technology can be managed from your phone. but as richard had mentioned below, I wonder how secure things would be as an app. hopefully the developers created decent security features that would keep the user's information safe and secured.

  3. Interesting article. I just wonder is it secure if you login by phone to accessing SQL Server?

  4. I was glancing through the blogs when I ran across this one. The first sentence quickly caught my eye, SQL and Windows phone. I think its a good advancement but such information should not be place in a mobile device that can be lost, and with it the information on the database. Who knows who will find the mobile device and use it with bad intentions. I don't think that we need such sensitive information at our finger tips. It is such a privacy issue.

  5. It's interesting. If a user saw the sql server encountered any problems, would the user have the access/permission to fix the issue through the app? If it does, it may have information leakage vulnerability.

  6. I suppose it was a matter of time before something like this was developed. But being in real-time on a windows based phone makes it even more unique, in my opinion. As your response points out, monitoring any activity is a usually simple task which can become quite involuntarily complex. A basic app which allows for this process could be a fun new toy for our class to experiment and learn with.

    Cool find, cheers!

  7. I think it is awesome that they are allowing mobile applications into databasing. I suppose that like Brian said, that is was only a matter of time before something like this was developed. I am curious to know how user friendly the app really is and how much control it really gives you. good article, thanks

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