SQL Simplified{4}

The article I read was entitled “Interactive SQL Query Suggest: Making Databases User-Friendly” by Ju Fan. This article talks about the difficulty of SQL and how it is very daunting to many people who are new to it. Many users do not use SQL because it is too hard for them to learn the language and to use the queries correctly. Ju Fan says that some of the current solutions are to use keywords to help in creating SQL queries. While this is efficient enough for new users it does not work well enough for more advanced users. The author proposes using something known as SQLSugg or SQL Suggestions. This takes the idea of using keywords and then advances it by using pre-made templates. In effect, the user types in a keyword and SQLSugg produces templates of pre-made queries which might meet the user’s needs. SQLSugg allows advanced users to use these templates and makes the creation of queries much easier.

I feel this article is very relevant to what we are learning in class. Right now we are learning how to write and create queries for SQL. This tool could come in handy when we are trying to query data in the future. The fact is that most people will not be able to retain all the syntax of creating a SQL query and SQLSugg would be a very useful tool in helping with this.

I personally liked this article very much. I found it very easy to read and it had a lot of data to back up his points. I also liked his solution to this problem. Creating templates with pre-made queries would help immensely when try to find specific data. This allows user to modify what exactly they are looking for and get the desired data.

Ju Fan; Guoliang Li; Lizhu Zhou; , “Interactive SQL query suggestion: Making databases user-friendly,” Data Engineering (ICDE), 2011 IEEE 27th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.351-362, 11-16 April 2011

URL: http://0-ieeexplore.ieee.org.opac.library.csupomona.edu/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5767843&isnumber=5767827