SQL vs NoSQL in the Cloud{2}

by Hongde H
The article I choose this week is about the difference between SQL and NoSQL. According to the author, the different access patterns provided by NoSQL and SQL result in very different scalability and performance. He pointed out that NoSQL elements allow data access only in a narrow predefined access pattern. And by giving us an example, the author stated that DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is accessible via hash table API; given the exact key, the value is returned. The access pattern for other NoSQL data services is similarly narrow and well-defined, and as a result scalability and performance structure are predictable and reliable. However, In other words, in SQL, the access pattern is not known in advance, the data model does not enforce a specific way to work with the data. It is built with an emphasis on data integrity, simplicity, data normalization and abstraction, which are all extremely important for large complex applications.

In the article, the author gives both pros and cons about NoSQL. According to him, the NoSQL is good because it allows one to scale an application to new levels. Basically, It means that the new data services are based on truly scalable structures and architectures, built for the cloud, built for distribution, and are very attractive to the application developer. There’s no need for DBA, no need for complicated SQL queries and it is fast.

For cons of NoSQL, the author claimed that data model might suffer from duplication of data due to non-normalized model. Moreover, he also pointed out that operation needs to be systematic and self contained. With the current NoSQL services available in the market, this is not easy to achieve, even in managed environments such as Amazon.

I choose this article because we all took our first step on the journey of learning SQL, knowing what options are out there for us and how they different from each other is very important. As time goes by, we will get to know most of them. Knowing well how each of them works will help us to doing better on managing our data.  Moreover, from what I learn by reading all those SQL or NoSQL articles; none of them is perfect or completely better than others. Therefore, know the pros and cons and use them in the right situation is what will help us to perform well on dealing with our database.

Source: Avi Kapuya (July, 15 2011 ) ” SQL vs NoSQL in the Cloud: Which Database Should You Choose?”

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