Steam Hacked{1}

by Robert D
In the past week, we’ve seen yet another major database fall to hacking. This time, it’s Valve’s Steam gaming client. There hasn’t been much of any information regarding the hackers (if anything, they’ll probably get lumped in with Anonymous) or what methods they used. While Steam uses an e-mail based security system, critical information was still taken: it’s possible that credit card information and billing information was taken from Steam’s database.


It’s not especially surprising at this point; more just annoying. Most gaming platforms have been hacked in the past year. They’re popular targets, because gaming is one of the core elements of Internet culture. Sometimes hackers will claim motives like wanting to expose security holes, rather than a waiting for a more malicious attacker to rip the system wide open. So far, though, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s claiming credit for this one–at least, not loudly enough to get any coverage.

I own both a Sony PSN and a Steam account, so while I’m not shocked that this is happening, I am making sure nothing suspicious is happening to my information. If you have a profile set up–especially if you’ve got a credit card linked to your account–go change your password and watch your billing statements.

Fish, Elizabeth. “Steam Gets Hacked: Here’s How to Keep Safe” PCWorld. 10 Nov. 2011.