Stormy Cloud or Clear Skies?

by Abel R

Cloud computing refers to data storage on remote servers so that the data is available anywhere and anytime. This is concept of cloud computing, but there lies security concerns over how safe your information is. My article points out that in reality you have  no idea who is managing the computers with your information. You have no idea where they are. You have no idea what protections may or may not be in place to make sure your information is not stolen or disclosed or that it does not accidentally disappear.Another issue at hand is reliability, for example if a server crashes or is hacked into, your personal / private data can disappear. Lastly,the article talked about privacy issues within cloud computing. In the US for example, the article mentions that the legal standards are soft and the government can obtain your data without you knowing.

After reading about the problems associated with cloud computing I begin to doubt my faith in it. For a big company to rely on the cloud, I think it would have to reassure at least some form of reliable security. If they are expected to store their databases of confidential information, I think it is too risky and valuable of information that any big company can afford to have compromise. However many issues though, I think this is just the beginning. Cloud computing is going to develop into a reliable convenient service, it just needs time.



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4 thoughts on “Stormy Cloud or Clear Skies?”

  1. I agree with you Abel that “Cloud computing is going to develop into a reliable convenient service” because the benefits out weight the possible problems that can a raise from it. Yes, security is currently it’s biggest issue because their are currently many loop holes or back doors that compromise Cloud computing security, but issues like these were the type of problems that computers first had when it came to dealing with viruses and hackers using the internet to steal peoples information. As technology advanced the security improved and anti virus programs with firewalls reduced this security issues drastically. I believe with time we will development new and improved ways of providing reliable security for cloud computing.

  2. As much advantage as cloud provides at this moment, I don’t think it is secure enough for everyone to use it as their primary option for storage. I agree with the post above, hopefully cloud will be a lot more secure as the technology matures.

  3. Everyday users can just use cloud service as storage without much concern, but if it is for business usage, then the security issue arises. Like what the MAvenegas said, I agree as technology advances, security issue will improve more and more as technology improves. But who knows where our stuff is stored at. All the information we have is, it is in the cloud. I remember seeing a video saying our stuff in the cloud can have multiple copies, so our vulnerability increases.

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