Street View Sees More Than Just Your House{Comments Off on Street View Sees More Than Just Your House}

by Caezar M

We all remember street view, its that one thing that happened that one time when google decided that it wanted to not only digitize the earth from space but digitize it from the ground level by driving cars arround with cameras attached to them that took a picture every few feet and tied it in with a GPS location. prettty cool stuff right? well in case you didn’t know google also managed to collect information about where you are geographically. location based services are based on where your wireless connection comes from. if it is a known location the application bases its operations about where your router is located. but how did they know? well as apple says “there is a ‘database’ for that” thats right google not only collected upwards 3.5Million SSIDs, marked and stored them they also got some web browsing and communication data from those unprotected networks. However in Google fashion they have a solution that they hope like the national no call list will help keep everyones wifi from being marked in the Google database.


I think its great that google did street view its a very cool service that helps people see the ‘situation’ before they go into any one area. and i do think thats its also cool that Google admits that yes they kinda jumped the gun in marking everyones wifi locations and are willing to destroy the records and start from scratch. Google’s ability to continuously improve will ensure its long life with their consumers. they listen and are responsive as well as innovative, this might have hurt them temporarily but i have no doubt that google will continue to grow and do more controversial things that will propel them forwards. i guess what i am saying is that im glad we have such a company that can admit it is not perfect and is willing to do whatever it takes to remedy the problem. oh and if you dont want your wifi mapped by google you might want to append your wifi “_nomap” which is Googles answer to this issue. it also hopes that this convention might become a standard


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