Tablets Applied to Business Intelligence{1}

by Michael V
The article “How Tablets are Transforming Business Intelligence” describes the new ways businessmen are utilizing as part of their everyday work routine. The people who are in charge of making strategic and tactical decisions for their companies require a steady flow of up-to-date information on the world around them, in order to understand the situation they are in so they can make the proper choices. Because of the recent flooding of the market with Apple tablets, there have been many apps developed for the system, resulting in a wide variety of programs that allow businessmen to obtain the information they need. Tablets and the applications developed for it are becoming a necessary part of running a large business, as it allows for the decision maker to access all the business intelligence they need in the most convenient way currently possible. Technological advances such as improved search engines that are customized to remember your web-surfing habits allow instant access to any information you need, when you need it, without the clutter of unnecessary articles and the likes. This combined with the portability, ease of use, and relative cost efficiency have begun to integrate tablets into the world of business as a new requirement for those willing to keep up to date.

The article has many points that I appreciate, such as the willingness for business people to keep an open mind and advance the way they gather information. This simple gesture demonstrates the direction of the business industry towards a more technologically related standpoint, which is good news for me personally, as I am a CIS major. While I do not personally own a tablet, I am very familiar with their use and the many applications available to access, and I understand that a major selling point of tablets is their ability to be taken anywhere you are and still have many of the functions of a computer with internet access. I can see this being crucial towards the success of many businesses that thrive on real time information, and tablets are currently the most efficient way to keep this real time business intelligence advantage.

This relates to this week’s lecture topic of “Physical Database Design” through the many potential ways to integrate database models into applications for tablets. Through the combination of the real time information that tablets receive through their 3G/4G networks and a proper database application, users would be able to view neatly portrayed models backed by databases and utilized this business intelligence in whatever ways they need to be applied towards their business decisions or otherwise.

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