A Costly Lesson for Sony

by George A
The article in summation states that one of the hackers of the group LulzSec has been detained by authorities named. Cody Kretsinger. He is being detained due to his connection with the security breach on Sony Pictures Entertainment. LulzSec managed to obtain thousands of emails, phone numbers, passwords, birth dates, addresses and names. This information was later packaged into a single file and made available to the public. They attempted to protect themselves via proxy servers and by deleting their hard drives. The members used an attack called a “SQL Injection” which is a common way for hackers to obtain information. 23 year old Kretsinger is facing a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

I find the whole Sony security breach debacle interesting since the string of events first began in the Spring. Sony has failed considerably in evaluating the importance of securing customer information. This is a wakeup call for all major corporations. One has to ask if Sony thought they were actually a target for people like this. I think Sony found these many attacks on their different branches surprising to say the least. What was the motive of these hackers in the end? I think they lacked the foresight of their actions and that is unfortunate for them because many of them have been caught and will most likely go to prison for a while.

Clearly anyone with corporation with valuable information needs to rethink the security of their information. It had been very costly for Sony is delaying with the attacks by LulzSec. They shut down the PlayStation Network for a month last Spring after the first attack from LulzSec. This was a whole month of lost revenue for the PlayStation Store and also their customers could not access online play. This inevitably resulted in people switching to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as a substitute.

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3 thoughts on “A Costly Lesson for Sony”

  1. I feel bad for what Sony had to deal with a few months ago. It seems like Sony failed to take the precautionary steps to help secure their servers in order to prevent these attacks from taking place. This is definitely a wake up call for all the organizations that are dealing with user data.

  2. After what happened people filed a class action law suit against Sony. Recently though, Sony forced people to waive their right to sue them in order to access their PSN service. Sony did have an option to opt out of the waiver and still provide access to PSN. I’m assuming that many people did not read the agreement and waived their right to sue. For this reason, I would not feel bad for Sony at all.

  3. Sony is a huge corporation that needs to get it’s act together. We just can’t trust anyone these days can we. Why is it that when a company gets its customer information stolen that nobody feels threatened and they keep quiet with sony giving out games as a mistake. This should never happen if Sony is making huge profits from gamers then why couldn’t they make security their first priority. Do you think that people with mansions just have keys to their doors? No they have alarms and cameras and guards. This is just Sony being lazy.

    I’m still not defending or taking the side of the accused but this should have been caught and fixed along time ago. Do you think this was the only time it has happened? I think that the successful criminal never lets others know what he has stolen. In this case a kid just handed Sony a taste of their own medicine.

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