The basics of SQL Database Query{Comments Off on The basics of SQL Database Query}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about the fundamentals of the SELECT statement in SQL server. A select statement is also called a query.  The “SELECT Statement” is the most common and frequently used command in SQL database system. In SQL, the select statement is used to extract data from the database in an organized, readable format. It is the basic technique that are used to get the information from a table when user do not want to make any changes to the data. The select statement is usually used to retrieve a few columns and a few rows of data from the table.There are four keywords, that are very important when using a SELECT statement.  These keywords are: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY. The systax that are commonly used to select a simple statement is,  “SELECT [ * | ALL | DISTINCT COLUMN1, COLUMN2 ]FROM TABLE1 [ , TABLE2 ];” without the quotations.  According to the article, “The SELECT keyword in a query is followed by a list of columns that you want displayed as part of the query output. The FROM keyword is followed by a list of one or more tables from which you want to select data. The asterisk (*) is used to denote that all columns in a table should be displayed as part of the output. Check your particular implementation for its usage. The ALL option is used to display all values for a column, including duplicates. The DISTINCT option is used to suppress duplicate rows from being displayed in the output”.

This article relates to class because it talks about the “Select Statement” that we are going to use in our next project. It is important to use a right select statement in order to get the data we want from a table. I learned a lot from this article, it was simply the best article as far as i know. I remember when we were doing an example in the class. We as a class, had to use a select statement to slecect specific data from the table. I was having a hard time because I wasn’t using the right syntax to begin with. This article was well discriptive and easier to read. I think one must read this article to have a basic understanding about a seclect statement.

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