The Cloud, Day 14: Don’t Trust All Your Eggs in One Basket{Comments Off on The Cloud, Day 14: Don’t Trust All Your Eggs in One Basket}

by Kyaw T

In this article, the author said he might choose cloud photo storage service but he still do not want to choose to store all his photo on the cloud of a provider. Most cloud storage are vyer reliable because they use a lot of resources and data center to store the data and even have the backup system. It seem that it is impossible to permanently lose the data that you store at online storage (cloud) but there is a small chance that you can lose your data/ photo that you store at cloud.

If you look at the major online photo storage services such as Flickr, Picasa and Facebook, you will feel that your data or photos are safe because these services have back up and security. So, It make you feel that storing your data at online is better than storing physical photo in the album since the physical photo can still be destroyed for some reasons such as fire, flood and etc.

But the author refuse to store all of his pictures/data on only one of the cloud storage or he never want to take risk of his photos being destroyed because these photos are his memory. Instead, he store his photos at his external storage drive and his personal computer although he using the online storage device at the same time.


I agree with the author about do not fully trust online storage service. Some people may say that online storage is more secure than physical storage. Some internet security firm such as Norton, offer 2GB of online backup when you purchase their security software. I accept that these backup system is safe but how about some service that the author mentioned such as Flickr, Picasa and Facebook? Do you guys think these sites are secure? Do you guys really trust these sites and store every pictures of your at one site? Some people may do it but I don’t. I don’t say that your photos will lose because they may mistakenly delete but I feels that these sites are not secure enough for me to store all of my data at there. In my other blogs, I posted that some of my friends’ Facebook accounts had been hacked. So, what will you do if your account had been hacked and you made some of your picture private? You will permanently lose these precious memory of yours. These hackers may use your photos in the ways that you won’t want if yours photos are in their hands. Ok. Let assume that your accounts have been safe and never been hacked, people/ some of your friends can still copy your photos and use for their own benefits since you do not know who download or save your pictures from online sites. I saw some people copy photos of their friends and claim that these are their pictures (especially girls pictures). For me, I believe that storing data/photos in my external storage drives are more secure than storing at online.

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