The Data Modeling Approach

by Anthony T
The article focuses on data modeling as a way to improve the effectiveness of businesses. It outlines strategies in which businesses can benefit from reducing cost of marketing, higher revenue, better profitability, and competitive advantages. Predictive modeling tools, according to the article, can be especially useful in analyzing factors which are directly related to product profitability. The author also mentions the benefits of reliability and accuracy of supplier relationship management when building data models. The accessibility of modeling tools is also discussed in the article and how it is no longer only at the dispose of statisticians or experts. Modeling tools and data analysis is becoming more and more available for marketers to use.

The article relates to the class lecture on chapter 2 on data modeling. The article focuses on the practical approach to using a data model in a business environment more specifically from a marketing perspective. While the class lecture does not give an outline on implementing data models the author makes that his focus. He goes on to list a step by step process on building the model and implementing it.

The combination of both class lectures and online journals gave me a better understanding of how business professionals, in this case a Chief of Information Technology, use the concepts which are discussed in this class. The article was also a very easy read and I like how the author was able to present information is a very straight forward way without that much text. He was very straight to the point in his approach.

Tolbot, M. (December 2006). “Gain the upper hand with predictive data modeling.” Direct Response. Retrieved 4/8/2011, fromĀ

2 thoughts on “The Data Modeling Approach”

  1. I agree with you on the fact that data modeling is essential to the profitability of businesses. In any company, it is necessary to understand where resources are being spent and how to facilitate business more efficiently. I currently work at Walgreens as an Assistant Manager and I am amazed at the number of vendors that our store must maintain in order to remain active as a convenience store. There are multiple vendors that potentially sell the same items and knowing where and when to purchase certain items maximize our cost. Therefore, your article outlines the importance of data modeling perfectly.

  2. This article is very interesting to me in knowing how businesses use data modeling to save time and money for their business and also error free. This helps the leading businesses like Walmart and Target to be more accurate and have a reliable relationships with their vendors to maximize their cost and be more effectiveness in the market.

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