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by George A
The article features a spectral database design by highlighting the process of collecting information via remote sensing. The spectral database here obtains information through satellites and other remote sensors. It picks up data regarding topography, vegetation species, soil type, and water type. There are four pillars that the model is built on which is stated, “The database is composed of four main parts including spectral database, model database, prior knowledgebase, and image database.”  The first spectral database was mentioned by a Russian named Krinoff in 1940. It was the first document regarding obtaining spectral information about land, soil, water, and vegetation. In the 1960’s the US sent satellites in order to gain spectral information along with other countries. The article explains how there must be  standard for obtaining and organizing spectral information. The standards include the parameters for how the data is collected, the classification for ground objects, and what sensors are used.  The hardware to maintain this information includes, “three high-grade servers and 20 terminals.” The database is run on Oracle. “300 users can visit the network service system synchronously.” The remote sensors are able to detect very specific data regarding agriculture, “monitoring soil moisture, fertilizer, plant diseases, insect pests and quality evaluation.”

I find this article to be very interesting. It seems to make sense that such detailed information can be gathered remotely and stored in database. I imagine the US government has an unbelievable amount of data regarding information about remote areas in the world without even having anyone pass on the information regarding that area. The information just can be obtained and stored and then decisions made at a later time. The idea of a database is becoming more and more valuable it seems as time goes on. They seem to be at the pinnacle of technology today as almost all information is now stored in a database.

Spectral databases are indeed one of the most powerful ways to use a database. I assume that information obtained about a distant planet like Mars is obtained with a spectral database. Remote crafts are sent to the planet and pictures and soil samples are taken and relayed back to Earth.

Xiang Li,  Xiao-Ying Guo,  Su-Hong Liu,  Zhen-Kun Tian,  “Methods of three scales data integration of national typical land surface objects standardized spectral database”,  Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2005. IGARSS ’05. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International, On page(s): 3 pp. Volume: 2 Issue: , 25-29 July 2005

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