The future of Facebook’s Mobile{2}

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking site. Users are increasingly accessing Facebook via thier mobile devices. Study have shown that Facebook mobile user use more than 7 hours on average. The way for Facebook to make money is by advertisement. Mark Zuckerberg (cheif of Facebook) has set “his top priorities this year are to transform Facebook’s mobile and advertising experiences and further integrate online apps into the platform.” (DesMarais, 2012) Since there are more people accessing Facebook via mobile devices, they are going to figure out ways to have advertisements on mobile. Mobile activities have been tracked by different applications, and so is Facebook. Facebook mobile app have just started, and they will gather more data to better target each users on products or likes.
Facebook is gathering all sorts of data from its users. They are gathering geo-tagging data from users when they check-in to places. They are gathering product likes from users. They are gathering activities from users. Facebook’s database is something that needs to be constantly monitored. Their database needs to be updated constantly. I could only imaging how hard it would be to query a database such as this.
I think Facebook going IPO will help to make their social networking site to be a lot better. Now they are under some pressure, so they need to improve their service to be better than before. Their database is so huge and rich. They are able to gather relevant informations to help advertise products and services to individual needs. It is good that they don’t just gather data, but they actually process the gathered data and process it into information.

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