The Future of MySQL{Comments Off on The Future of MySQL}

by Miguel V
The article I chose to talk about this week was “eWEEK Labs Ponders MySQL’s Fate Under Oracle.” In this article the author Jeff Cogswell gives his ideas on the future of MySQL, by factoring in sound business sense as well as history, now that Oracle has bought it for $1 Billion. With 11 million installations, MySQL has proven to demonstrate just how valuable the software can be proving that it is not just some “small, run-of-the-mill Open-source Package.” MySQL has become a serious competitor to Oracle’s database products especially even more now “in the down economy, with cash-strapped businesses increasingly looking to free and open-source software.” The article then looks at the history of Oracle’s pasted acquisition deals, for example, “in early 2007, Oracle acquired Hyperion, a maker of business intelligence products.” Jeff noticed that Hyperion software was integrated into Oracle’s overall product set while remaining largely intact. In general Oracle’s “acquired companies’ products did not go away but were integrated into Oracle’s existing product lines.” He wraps up the article by saying that “It’s very possible that the name will change, but, based on previous Oracle acquisitions, it’s doubtful that MySQL will disappear.”

I like that Sun has bought MySQL along with its customers that purchased support plans for MySQL, because many companies are benefitting from it being open source to any small or large companies. This relates to what we are doing in class now with Project 2 Deliverable 2 & 3 where we have our own MySQL database.

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