The Importance of Data Modeling{1}

by Antonio M
This author talks about the importance of data modeling. He first goes on to say how each table in a data
model expresses meaning. He also says how “the best models reduce the data items within the covered subject area into obvious arrangements. The author talks about how most of the time DBMS can have tools that make quick definitions of tables. Even though this can be a good thing often developers can misuse the data elements to mean something else which can make users even more confused. He further emphasize how data modeling is really important and should always be documented other wise most of the meaning of a database can be inside the code. When it is inside the code it can be harder to refer back to in the future. He goes on to show how if you dont model correctly the first time more time can be spent on post-implementation and trying to solve problems. In conclusion he says that the only time data modeling should not be used is when the developer making the database will be the only person maintaining it.

I think over all this article was pretty good. It further showed how it is always important to come up with a design first before jumping straight into coding. It also goes along what we have learned in class about making ER Diagrams.

This article is also very helpful for when we as a class will start to work on our projects. Majority of the time like I had mentioned earlier a developer would want to just jump straight into code and begin developing. I for one can be accused of this because I have so many ideas already in my head on how to code things that I just want to code and skip the designing part. However data modeling does make sense and I can see why there is much emphasis in this part of the design process.

Schraml, T. (2009). Yes, Data Modeling Matters. Database Trends and Applications, 23(4), 31. Retrieved from OmniFile Full Text Mega database