The Importance of Data Quality and the Measures Taken

by Andrew S
In the article that I read this week, the author talked about the importance of data quality and data source management in a data warehouse project.  Many data warehouse projects fail due to the poor quality of the data, but this article explains that quality characteristics form the backbone of quality management.  The article goes in depth for the five activities that are used in ensure proper quality assurance: quality policy, quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.  These are the five activities used for quality management that the author goes into detail with in order to identify and understand each quality.  There is a proper procedure that must be taken in managing data source to find the best way to provide a framework and implement tool to reach the goals and objectives within a company.

I thought that this article was relevant to what we are learning in class because it explores the importance and measures of data quality and data source management.  The article explains the necessity of data quality and how it is the backbone of quality management.  I was unaware that there were so many characteristics of quality data and the author does a great job of identifying and understanding each of these qualities.

I found this article to be very interesting as it provided me with a broader understanding of quality data.  The article goes through a step by step process of identifying and understanding the necessary components of data quality.  I found it to be an easy read and understandable by someone with even limited knowledge of the field.  There was also a great deal of effort that was put into the article to emphasize the importance of data quality and data source management, including the consequences that can arise from having poor quality of data.  This article was a very informative article that has sparked some interest and has me seeking additional information about the topic.

Idris, N. (2011, July 17-19). Managing Data Source Quality for Data Warehouse in Manufacturing Services. ICEEI Conference Publications