The Importance of Quality Control: How Good Is Your Data?{1}

by Toan T
The article that I read talks about the importance of quality control of data and the roles that it plays within large organizations. Quality in data ensures accuracy, response, completeness and consistency when it is being used. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the people that use the data understand what the data represents. Data quality is often overlook due to the changing nature of data and quality control has always been ignored. The article’s topic addresses how old data is affecting businesses worldwide, it says that outdated data typically cost U.S businesses as much as  $611 billion a year in postage cost because mails always get sent to the wrong address or how some addresses often receive multiple copies of the same mail. Problem like this is what creating negative influences on how companies perceived in the marketplace. Customers would not want to be associated with companies that have poor operating efficiency and would question whether if data that these companies have are actually being utilized correctly.

I find this article to be related to our latest class lecture as it also relate to data quality. Companies should pay more attention to their data especially to data that is confidential. Most of the problems that occur in IT can easily be avoided through quality control. It is always ignored because quality control often get overshadowed by other things that other personnel deem to be more important. It is always too late when they suddenly realize that a hacker has infiltrated and acquired a list of it’s customer social security number and credit card information. At that moment, there is nothing that can be done about it but to pray.

Source: Greenyer, Andrew. “The Importance of Quality Control: How Good Is Your Data?” CustomerThink. 26 Nov. 2007. Web. 12 Mar. 2012. <>.