The power of server management from anywhere.

by George A

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The startup company Tellago Studios has developed software to allow server administrators to monitor servers with mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android or Windows phone. The technology called Moesion connects to a specific server and then displays this information on the browser of the phone using HTML5. This software can be used with Windows Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, IIS Web Server, and BizTalk. Security has been a main concern with the development. No data is stored from the server and all of the data is encrypted in transfer. Only the commands are logged. Moesion allows the server administrators to upload scripts directly into the server from the mobile device. The software is currently in Beta.

Moesion has the potential to be a very useful tool for database management. This seems to be a very logical progression on server monitoring. When an administrator is not in front of a desktop or laptop the need to check the status of all the servers can be met. When something is wrong it can be viewed away from the office and the people in the office can be told more accurately how to mend the situation. Usually server administrators can spend hours at a time not really needing to do anything other than to make sure the servers are running correctly. This gives the option of leaving the office and but not giving up knowledge of what is happening on the servers. When a problem arises the issue does not always require the administrator to run back to the office as quickly as possible.

If it is done correctly I see big players like Oracle developing their own software to be used for their servers and possibly blocking a third party like Tellago. This seems as though within a few years this will be very common once Tellago finishes this product and begins selling it to customers. The larger companies will inevitably catch on and probably add it to their packages when people by their database hardware and software.


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4 thoughts on “The power of server management from anywhere.”

  1. This seems like a very useful application. I think one can easily relate this to pre-existing stock watching apps as investors always want to keep their eyes on what is going on in the stock market, which in this case is watching the conditions of the servers. I believe this will lift some chains and allow server managers to become more agile and be able to move along more swiftly all while still having the servers under control.

  2. This should come as great news for all the database administrators out there. Being able to address database issues remotely gives administrators some breathing room, especially when they are away from the office. I definitely see this being implemented by the bigger names in the database market, perhaps even evolving from a browser based version to an iOS/Android/WinMo application.

  3. I agree that this type of application has a lot of potential. This app will give database admins more breathing room when away from a computer. I think that even if the idea is done incorrectly by Tellago Studios, the big players will probably throw this idea into R&D since an app like this has huge potential.

  4. This basically uses the same concept as remote desktop sharing except it broadens to a wider range of remote connections. I agree that this will facilitate in many tasks since database administrator can perform any kind of task remotely on a mobile device. This is a good way to perform live task while being away, but the problem arises when companies start to outsource database admins to other countries. if this happens, there will be layoffs in many companies.

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