The Rise of SQL Server Data Warehousing

by Steven C
This article is about how Microsoft’s SQL Server, a relational database management system that was known to be more popular among smaller businesses, is now becoming more commonly used in the midmarket data warehouse business as well. SQL Server was commonly thought to be used only to store a few terabytes of data, and people would assume that enterprises with higher-end data warehouses would use other RDBMS software like Oracle or IBM. However, research from this article shows that SQL is becoming much more popular among bigger businesses as well, because although it cannot handle as many data types as Oracle, it is much more cost-efficient without sacrificing quality.

I think this article was interesting to read because it showed me that SQL Server is becoming a much more popular tool used in many businesses now, and it will continue to grow. I am glad to know that learning how to use SQL in this class could be useful in my career that I am trying to pursue.

Earls, Alan R.Cost, Proliferation Power Rise of SQL Server Data Warehousing Tech 19 Jan. 2012

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  1. Grea article Steven! I’m really happy read this because I have used SQL before and this only makes me more marketable now. Hopefully after refreshing my knowledge of SQL in this class, I’ll be able to land a sweet job! I’m sure our understanding of SQL needs to go more in depth and that’s something I hope to do over the summer. Great read, thx agian!

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